How To Be A Pro Event Videographer

Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Videographer

If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with a corporate event video, there’s no question about that. Event video coverage is a great way to build brand awareness for your company and get people interested in and excited about what you do.

After looking at event videography rates, you might be tempted to try to figure out how to film an event yourself. Videography is like photography, writing and other pursuits, in that everybody can do it, but it takes specialized skill to do it well.

A Professional Corporate Event Video Reflects on Your Company

People who are watching your corporate event video aren’t just learning about who your company is and what your company does. They’re also learning about your commitment to quality.

A Professional Videographer Stays Out of the Way

A professional videographer knows how to film (by film people might think we are actually using film instead of digital 4k for the event) an event unobtrusively, allowing activities to continue uninterrupted.

A Professional Videographer Knows How to Edit

Videoing your corporate event is about more than just filming, it’s knowing how to cut the event together, how to mix the shots and the sound, and add music and any subtle effects or graphics that will make the video really shine without appearing overproduced.

How to choose the perfect videographer for your wedding

Your wedding photographs form an important memento of your big day – pictures that you’ll cherish for an entire lifetime. As time moves on, though, so does technology. With increasing regularity, happy couples are turning to professional videographers to capture the finest essence of their special in the sun.

A memento that will last generations

The days of videographers struggling under the weight of an enormous camera, in an effort to gain grainy, low-quality footage of your big day are all but over. Technology marches ever forward, and today, miniature, high-quality digital cameras are the norm.

Not only will you receive a shimmering, technicolour keepsake of your wedding, it’ll arrive on DVD, meaning that it’ll last well over 100 years. Therefore, your great-great-great grandchildren will be able to watch their ancestors’ wedding in crisp quality, unlike if you’d used videotape, which has a maximum lifetime of 15 years (less if you watch it over and over, which you surely will!).

How to choose a great videographer

Sometimes, choosing a videographer gets pushed right down the list of many things you need to sort out, but try and book one in as soon as possible. This way, you’ll have a broader range to choose from, ensuring that you aren’t forced to go with someone who lacks the necessary experience and knowhow when it comes to making films. Here are four things to consider.

Check his or her previous examples

Just as you would with your photographer, examining your potential videographer’s portfolio is an absolute priority. Try and watch a broad range of their work, as this may help you find a certain style to go for. What’s more, don’t be tempted to skip scenes or fast-forward – you need to discover if your director will capture the whole event, and not one narrow part of it. You can even ask for a reference from previously filmed weddings if you want to delve a little deeper.

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Choosing a videographer is just as important as your photographer. It’s really a movie capturing all the special elements and magic of your big day in living colour, from the wedding day preparations through to the dancefloor antics!!

And thanks to advancements in digital technology, the quality of videos today has improved dramatically over the years. Instead of using the large, obtrusive cameras that were standard 10 years ago, most videographers now shoot with small discreet digital video cameras.

A video is a very personal thing, some couples love to have it and it’s a must, whilst others choose not. It has its pros and I would recommend one, it’s lovely to look back on, even my kids now look at our wedding video! For those who have passed on since it’s nice to look back on those special moments

There are some ideas I have here when choosing a videographer and questions you need to know.

Get recommendations from friends & family

Check dates first to see if they are available for your wedding.

Check out their websites where you can view sample reels. If a videographer does not have a website or it’s poorly designed, take it as a sign that they are not technologically up to speed

When you start to meet with them, ask to see an example of an entire, edited tape from one wedding rather than a demo

What is their standard coverage, decide how long you wish them to record and what is most important for you both.

Budget for your video also: some can start in the bride’s house, church, reception, first dance, up until Midnight – choose which package you would like. Videographers can range anything from €1500.00-€2500.00, depending on your preferred package & style.

Experience: make sure you are choosing someone with a lot of experience, it pays at the end of the day!

Check if they have a wireless transmission of sound for the vows and speeches

Personality: make sure you get on with the person you have booked, you will know this when you first meet to discuss everything. Have a good rapport, feel you can say what you wish to have, discuss everything and have no regrets. They should also get on well with your photographer.

Be sure to specify the music you want to be included in the soundtrack.

Are video messages included in your package – maybe this is something you would like or not

Get 2/3 copies of your video in Blu-Ray or DVD

Tip of the week:

Ask your videographer how long the turnaround is and when would you expect to have your DVD in your hand, some take 3 months and I have heard of others can take longer. Also, ensure you have a lifetime back up – just in case your DVD gets destroyed in fire or anything, you can get another copy.


Why choose our videographer?

When it comes to finding cheap wedding videography – or any event video production for that matter – many companies compromise on the quality of their creation in order to offer affordability. But here at PPM, we make sure to give you a value for money service that goes above and beyond everything you’ve ever wanted. Not only are our professionals friendly and experienced, but they will edit your video to perfection before giving it to you via USB or Dropbox. It’s the perfect way to remember the most special days of your life – without breaking the bank.

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A High Definition Experience

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