Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Choosing the Right Photo Booth Style

Choosing the Right Photo Booth Style?

With a range of different photo booths, choosing the right photo booth style for you can be tricky. You may have used one at a weddings, birthday or corporate event, and sure it was easily to use but maybe not so much easy to choose.

What is it?

This is where it all began, a small box! We call ours a “Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth”. Nowadays enclosed photo booths come in a number of different styles and sizes. Generally with the enclosed photo booth they normally have a hard sturdy wall or a curtain (or an inflatable shell, but we will talk more about that later).

Why choose it?

If you’re having an event in a public place or venue where everyone (including people who aren’t apart of the event) can see you, then this is a great choice for privacy. Unlike some enclosed photo booths, our booth allows more than 2 or 3 people in it. You can fit 12 people in our photo booth! You can also choose from our range of different curtains.

Rather than having a curtain or wall that boxes you in and make you feel claustrophobic (unless you like to be close to other people), this booth has more space. Hence why it’s call “open air” photo booth. Some people also refer to them as a kiosk photo booth.

Open air photo booths have more options when it comes to backdrops. You could go with one the photo booth company can provide, which are normally a curtain or print design on a portable stand. There is also the option of using the venue’s wall or creating your own backdrop. Lastly you could use the beautiful view outdoors or from inside.

How To Choose The Best Photo Booth Rental

Choosing a photo booth rental company for your event is exciting but with so many companies out there, how do you decide on which one to book? Well, there’s some things you should look for so that you’re choosing the best photo booth rental for your needs


The amount of money you want to spend is always important because you don’t want to go over the allocated budget you have for your event. Pick a dollar amount you feel comfortable with before choosing your photo booth rental company but keep in mind that a low budget will likely prevent you from finding top quality photo booth rental companies to hire. Also, remember that sales tax will usually be added to the base price.

Type of Photo Booth – Not all photo booth rentals are created equal. There are enclosed photo booth rentals where guests step into a box. These photo booth rentals are very compact but don’t allow the best lighting since the light is so close to the guests. Also, typically these photo booth rentals have small light sources which means harsher shadows. Open air photo booth rentals don’t have walls but instead have a photo booth control station that houses the equipment and the background is set up separately. This allows more room for guests and allows the use of larger light sources and better depth for light distribution.

Prints – On-the-spot prints are awesome but not all prints have the same quality. A big problem with many photo booth rentals is that the color accuracy and/or brightness is bad. What this means is when a guest uses a photo booth rental with bad color accuracy settings, the photo may look fine on the screen, but the prints come out looking pale, dark, or too bright. Higher quality photo booth rental companies know how to color match prints to the screen so that what you’re seeing on the screen when using the photo booth, will be close to what you see on the actual prints

Lighting – Photography is all about light and not knowing the proper way to set up lighting can mean that your photos will come out too dark or overly bright. Not only that, but the light modifiers help make photos look even better with softer shadows and more even distribution of light. Higher quality photo booth rental companies know how to properly set up lighting for amazing looking photos

Tips for Choosing a Good Photobooth

Photobooths are used during events or parties. Events organizers should choose booths that are fit their budgets and requirements. Many companies are specialized in offering these services. This has allowed both old and young guests to engage with the machine and enjoy their time

You can hire one to give your guests an opportunity of having some informal and relaxed fun by hiring one. It is the best tool for making memories and capturing special moments. Event’s organizers in Melbourne can get good booths by hiring from reliable companies

Type of Booth

There are different styles and types of photo booths that you can choose from. This will help you in choosing the best tool for the next party

Enclosed Photo Booth-This tool can help you in getting and experiencing the feeling of an old school. An enclosed tool is obtained by drawing the curtains you can make this tool by drawing shut the curtain and letting it loose. This means that you will have nothing to worry about since people will not be looking at you.

GIF Booth-This tool has made it easier to take photos and create animated images, which can be distributed easily. It has become one of the popular alternatives for parties.

Insta Booth-People uses this machine to take selfies on their phones, creating hashtags and orienting photos for their parties.

Open Air Photo Booth –Open-air booths don’t have secrets. It is the best place where people can have fun.

Digital or Hard Copies

This is a tough decision that you need to make. You should try as much as possible to minimize wastage when it comes to printing. Any backlog in printing can lead to wastage of ink or paper. This is an issue that can be avoided by using digital photo booths. These are tools that allow the guests to email their photos directly. This has significantly eliminated the need for carrying prints around during the events.

Tips for Creating an Awesome Photo Booth

Photo booths are fun. Photo booths at parties are extra fun. Whether you’re stepping back in time to sit in a vintage “two-seater” with someone you love or standing in front of a sparkly backdrop with several friends at a wedding reception, chances are you’ve enjoyed the printed results—so much so that you’ve decided to make your own photo booth for your upcoming holiday party or your own wedding reception. Whether you’re working with an iPad and natural lighting or a more elaborate setup with a DSLR camera and lights, here are a few tips and ideas to make your photo booth a success, regardless the size of your system

Tailor your backdrop to your event. For a crisp, clean background of your choosing, Savage offers rolls of seamless paper in a variety of colors. While white, gray, and black are more traditional photo booth backgrounds, consider a color that matches your event. Tech Green seamless paper can even be utilized for green screen photography, allowing you to mix it up and explore a variety of images and backgrounds. For a more rugged background, consider an Infinity Vinyl Background. Much like seamless paper, this vinyl background hangs straight but allows for quick cleanup if a guest accidentally spills their drink or desert while they take a quick picture.

Alternatively, you can add dimension to a wall in your home or event space with rows of balloons or something even more unique, like decorated plates lined up in a row. Removable wall paper or sticker decals can also quickly transform your background without the residue. Metallic fringe designed for a doorway, or party streamers draped over a background support system could provide a unique and fun look to your photo booth without breaking the bank. For outdoor venues, add a string of lights to the foliage, drape fabric, or hang lanterns over lower hanging tree branches.

If your photo booth isn’t a traditional “booth,” and it doesn’t have anyone supervising image capture, clearly mark off the area with gaffer tape and write out instructions that even your youngest guest can follow easily and walk away with an instant print. Adding a rug to the area your photo booth occupies can help set the mood and can provide something of an escape from your event. Adding a seat or two in front of the backdrop can not only help frame the area in focus, but provide a welcome relief where older guests can take a load off.

If you don’t already have a photography prop box, now is the perfect opportunity to put one together. Grab an old crate or basket and fill it with oversized glasses, stick-on mustaches, cowboy hats, feather boas, whiteboard or chalkboard conversation bubbles, and more. The more props in your box, the more likely your guests will pose for multiple pictures, experimenting with different looks and different groups of friends or family members.


Photo booths have quickly coming to be a need for any event lately. If you are thinking of having a photo booth at your wedding event or event, there are some things that you must consider before you decide which one is best for you. There are many photo booths available

Layout– Exactly what type of layout are you trying to find with the prints? Do you want picture strips with several little photos, a 4 × 6 with 3 pics and a logo design, or one huge 4 × 6 design photo? Can you include you own individual touch like a logo, quote, a photo of the mountains where you are having your wedding event, or color that matches your wedding/event? If you are going the photo strip path, does the printer cut the strip for you and will it make a straight cut? Very few printers have the capability to slice the image strips and just the best of the very best can do it straight. Too many booth companies end up having an attendant cut the strips with scissors– slowing the service and providing a less than professional technique to the product.

Props– Are the props enjoyable and appropriate for your party? How will they be displayed? Will they be thrown on a table haphazardly or will they be arranged in a wardrobe or nicely on expert display screen racks? Can you request specific themed props like mustaches, or sports stuff? Exists an extra expense for props or are they consisted of?

Staffed by an attendant– Will there be somebody onsite to help your guests, keep the props in order, deal with any technical booth problems, and most notably be the entertainment concierge to make sure the enjoyable is being enjoyed by everyone?

Referrals and online presence– Any business worth hiring has reviews and a strong online existence. If a business’s site looks inadequately designed, what does that inform you about the pride they take in themselves? If a company can not stand happy and look excellent online, how can they look good at your event? An excellent looking site with testimonials and pictures of recent setups at events states a lot that words alone can not. You wish to see photos!