Tips For Choosing Carpet Flooring

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are a type of flooring that can be used as an alternative to the more commonly used broadloom carpet. They provide all the warmth and underfoot comfort you’d expect from carpet, but are available in practical module sizes. Carpet tiles come in a selection of sizes, patterns and materials – but all Interface carpet tiles are modular and work together.

The benefits of carpet tiles

They’re sustainable

We’ve been pioneers in sustainability for over a quarter of a century, consistently working towards reducing our environmental impact. We were also the first global flooring manufacturer to make all of the products that we sell carbon neutral.

They’re durable

Manufactured to heavy contract quality, our carpet tiles are tough enough to handle office and public use.

They’re versatile

Individual tiles can be swapped with ease if damaged, or if you simply want a change. They’re easy to mix and match too – so you can be creative and work tile-by-tile. You can even use different installation methods to achieve your chosen look.

They can improve indoor air quality

Some carpet tiles, such as those from our Conscient Collection, improve indoor air quality.

They offer superior acoustics

Certain carpet tile backings provide great sound absorption, so you can design rooms to focus in. We have different backings to suit different projects.

Low total cost of ownership

Together, all of these benefits make carpet tiles excellent value for money.

Advantages of Carpets

Often times hardwoods and tiles are the floorings of choice in many homes. Though these are in fact beautiful, durable, and work well with a wide range of homes and designs. Though hardwood and tile are both wonderful options, carpet is an equally beneficial alternative.

Residential carpets have the ability to bring warmth to rooms that may be colder or that may seem slightly inhospitable. Carpet has the ability to warm up a room by providing comfort and luxury. Carpet is a perfect choice for rooms like the living room where your family congregates and a little extra warmth and comfort are needed.

Carpet is also a great soundproofing and helping to muffle the noise inside a room. This is one reason why carpet is often added in bedrooms of homes. Carpet helps to muffle sounds like things dropping on the floor, footsteps and more. Carpet is a great insulator as well and can help keep your bedroom warm and cozy during long winter months.

Another great benefit of carpet is that it does help to add visual interest to a room. Though hardwood flooring is beautiful and stylish, it often lacks individual personality and really quirky aspects that can help make a room really interesting. You can add full room carpet and add things like patterns, colors, and designs that can help make a room that might be boring and really bring it to life.

With the right carpet, you can find an option that is going to last for years and that is going to be beautiful as long as you have it in your home. Low pile carpets are perfect for those high traffic areas where dirt and grime are common as low pile carpets are often tightly packed and less likely to take in dirt.  Carpet has the ability to brighten and add warmth to a room without giving up any durability.

Carpet has come a long way in the past few decades and the fibers that are used are now more durable, stain resistant, and even comfortable than those used in previous carpets. Carpet is a wonderful addition to any home and with the right carpet, you can enhance your home quickly and easily. Carpet is not the shag of the past that everyone remembers with disgust, it is a wonderful and cozy alternative to hardwoods and tiles that may be added to homes.

There are 5 distinct advantages to installing carpet in commercial buildings.

  • Carpet adds beauty and enhances the appearance. This feeling of making the right choice by the client cannot be over stated and taken for granted. When entering the reception area, the first general appearance is office décor, office professionalism and office appearance. What better way to provide the most professional image than beautiful designed carpet floor covering.
  • Carpet is a noise reducer. Most companies have open office settings with a large number of people dealing and interacting with each other. Ringing phones and frequent movement of staff within the office environment raises the noise that hinders the efficiency of the staff and becomes an obstacle to proper communication. Carpet offers an excellent solution in tackling the loud sounds in the office and helps to increase productivity.
  • Carpet is healthy. When we understand that carpet is the best air filter in the building, we realize the importance of keeping it clean. Carpet is like a kitchen sink, a collector of stuff. Carpet collects air pollutants, dust, allergens and toxins and traps the molecules in its fibers. By regular carpet cleaning we not only keep spots and stains to a minimum, the air is cleaner and staff healthier.
  • Carpet is cost effective. Proper carpet cleaning extends the life cycle of carpet. Contracting with a professional and experienced commercial carpet cleaning company who has consistent great outcomes with commercial contracts, allows you to rest assured that your office carpet is being cleaned with the right system and in the right manner. All carpeted areas must be cleaned on a regular scheduled maintenance plan to maintain the highest quality of office appearance.
  • Carpet appearance management is easy to maintain. When scheduling the frequency of carpet cleaning, notice must be observed of foot traffic, outside entry ways, type and style of fiber, future plans of the office space and budget allowances. Not all areas need cleaning every month, depending on foot traffic, office carpet cleaning can be broken out in to a monthly, quarterly and annual program. There are professional ways and systems to keep carpet looking good and uniform all the time.

The Disadvantages of Carpet

  • May flatten and harden
  • There is the possibility of mold grown in areas of high moisture.
  • They tend to absorb large spills into the pads underneath.
  • They could require professional cleaning
  • They have been known to retain odors and bacteria.

Advantages of carpet over hardwood

Advantages of carpet over hardwoodWhile most people prefer hardwood over carpet, there are many who do enjoy the benefits of carpet, especially for the bedrooms.  While 90% of buyers prefer hardwood for the living room/dining room/family room areas, the jury is more split on the bedrooms, generally with 60% preferring hardwood and 40% carpet.

Here are the advantages that carpet provides.

1.  Costs less…initially

Many choose carpeting out of budget constraints.  While they may prefer hardwood, their budget favors carpet.  Carpet is generally less expensive than hardwood…at least initially.  In the long run, as carpet needs to be replaced more often, it will end up costing more to buy carpet, but if you are looking at short-term costs (e.g. either because you only plan to live in the house a short time or that is all that you can afford now), then carpet may be a sensible option.

Please note that the cost of carpet can vary widely based on what carpet you select.  There are some high end wool carpets which can cost even more than hardwood.  Generally, wool carpet will cost more than nylon which in turn will cost more than polyesters/olefins.  Patterned or tone on tone carpets will cost a bit more than solids.

2.  Softer on your feet, good for kids who sit/play on floor

For those that prefer softness, carpet provides a wonderful option.  This can be cushy on your feet for bedrooms, or a great option for kids that may play or crawl on the floor.  Of course dogs and cats love to cuddle up and rest on the carpet, too.

3.  Quieter/reduces noise

Carpet absorbs sound, so it’s quieter.  This reduces sound reflection in the room, muffles the sound of creaking and can even reduce sound transmission to the rooms below (which is why carpet is often required on 80% of the floor space in most Co-ops and rentals.

4.  Pets prefer carpets

hardwood vs carpet – why is hardwood preferredWhile many of us many prefer hardwood flooring, most cats and dogs prefer carpet over hardwood.  It’s just more comfy and makes a fun spot for them to curl up on.  In addition, some dogs slip on the hardwood flooring; there is just more traction with carpet.  Of course some of this can be solved by adding area rugs.