Asphalt Tile Roof And Safe Roof Access

Considerations for Choosing Roof Tiles

As the single largest surface area of a home, the roof is an important architectural feature and decisions around roofing materials should be made carefully.

“Whether building a new roof or re-roofing, it’s important to consider style, aesthetics and long term performance when selecting roofing materials,” explained Mark Dell from Boral Roofing & Masonry.

Consider the roof tiles’ material

Roof tiles are available in ceramic, terracotta and concrete, and a homeowner’s choice will come down to personal preference of shape (or profile), colour and finish. Boral ceramic, terracotta and concrete tiles are built to last, with a 60 year warranty on ceramic tiles, 50 year warranty on terracotta tiles and a 20 year guarantee on concrete tiles. Ceramic and terracotta tiles are slightly smaller than concrete tiles, which mean there are differences in the number of tiles per square metre, as well as the system and pattern of aligning the tiles on the roof next to each other.

Select a tile profile that complements overall design

The profile refers to a tile’s shape and design at its cross-section. This can be either flat or shaped, with further design variations within these categories. A key consideration when choosing a profile is the architectural style of house as well as the pitch of the roof. For example, a flat profile will lend a more streamlined, contemporary look; if you are in a high rainfall area however, rain will run off faster on a steeper roof pitch.

Research colour and finish options

Colour and finish can have a fundamental influence on the style, character and essence of a home. The architectural style and the home’s environment, including surrounding houses, is a major factor in choosing exterior colours and finishes. When selecting roof colour and finish, consider guttering and fascia finish of the home and, as a general rule, look for colours that are in harmony or contrast. Boral ceramic, terracotta and concrete roof tiles are available in a range of warm, cool and neutral tones.

Which Type of Roofing Tile Should You Choose?

Ensuring the right roof tiles are installed on a property is vital. It can affect the aesthetics of the building and can make sure the roof meets the design requirements of your home. The decision about the tile used on your propriety will go on to affect a number of other important decisions. But with so many types of roofing tile available, the market can feel overwhelming. Read on for our easy to read guide covering the basics on various roof tiles available, including pros and cons as well as potential costs.

Clay Roof Tiles

Many homeowners with one eye on the property market are turning to clay tiles to add real aesthetic value to their home. This attractive tile comes in a number of shapes and patterns helping to create a traditional Mediterranean look

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles can mimic the aesthetic appeal of clay and slate while also providing high levels of durability against the elements. They are one of the most common tile types on the market and extremely cost-effective in relation to their performance levels.

Interlocking Roof Tiles

Single lap interlocking roof tiles are typically flat or profiled smooth or granular and are possibly the easiest and quickest of all the roof tile variants to install. The combined ease of use, along with lower prices, has seen them become one of the two main tile types installed in the UK. Concrete is by far the most common material used for this particular style, although they can be purchased in clay and slate.

Large Format Roof Tiles

The main advantage large format tiles offer to homeowners and developers is faster installation and the reduction of support materials. This is good news for your bottom line as well as the speed at which roofing projects can be completed.

Roof tile selection how to choose the right roof tiles

Roof tiles come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, textures, materials and colours. Here at Marley, we offer a roof tile selection that comprises more than 80 different clay and concrete products, including pantiles, flat and interlocking designs, as well as colourways ranging from reds and browns to various shades of grey. But with so many choices, how do you specify the right roof tiles for your project?

Look around

The roof tiles you specify will have a significant impact on the overall look of the development when it’s finished, so selecting tiles with the right aesthetic is essential.

While you might like the idea of the development standing out, it’s important that it draws attention for the right reasons – and being the only slate-coloured roof in a neighbourhood of red clay roofs may not be ideal. In some cases, the wrong choice of roofing material could lead to difficulties with planning permission.

Consider the technical characteristics

While the architectural style of the building is an essential consideration in roof tile specification, it’s only part of the decision-making process. You will also need to make sure the roofing materials you specify are fit for purpose – and this can vary depending on the location of the property, typical local weather conditions and the structure of the building

Here are some of the technical considerations you’ll need to think about:

Material – Popular options include clay, concrete, natural stone, fibre-reinforced concrete and cedar

Minimum and maximum roof pitch – Most roof tiles have a range of suitability, but if the pitch of your roof is especially steep or shallow, some products may not be appropriate.

Size, coverage and minimum headlap – The spacing of the tiles and how much coverage a single tile offers will play a role in how many roofing tiles need to be purchased, as well as the speed of installation and overall project cost.

Weight – The weight of all the roofing tiles must be supported by both the roof structure and the walls underneath.

Thermal efficiency – Roof tiles can contribute towards lower U-values and a more energy-efficient home.

Batten requirements, base layers and fixings

Compatible accessories

Ease of installation

What to Consider When Choosing Your Roof Tiles

If you’re about to start renovating your home, or perhaps even building a new home altogether, the materials you choose for your roof is a crucial step in the process. Of course, you have the practical reasons to consider: durability, keeping your home protected from the elements and water tight. On top of that, however, there other factors that should come in to play when choosing types of roof tiles UK; possibly from an environmental perspective, almost certainly from an aesthetic. After all, you want your roof to look good as well, don’t you?

Local Planning Restrictions

You might have your heart set on particular types of roof tiles – be they clay, stone or slate. However, there may be external factors which will need to be taken into consideration when choosing types of roof tiles UK that might be out of your control.

How Your Roof is Designed

The types of roof tiles you choose for your roof may also be dictated, to a certain extent, by the design and pitch of the roof itself. If the pitch of your roof is low, for example, you may be restricted in the type of tile you can opt for; certain traditional slate tiles, such as the market-leading Thrutone slates for example are not designed for roofs with a pitch lower than 22°. Or the classic Rosemary Clay Tile which has a minimum pitch of 35°.

General Appearance

The overall aesthetic should not be overlooked when considering the correct roof tiles for your project. At the end of the day, your building needs to have an attractive finish and look right within its surroundings. At the roof plays a huge role in this appearance.


Another important aspect to consider with your roof tiles is the region in which your building is located. Across the UK there are a number of fairly distinctive profiles for roof tiles types that hold prevalence in different regions, and this may well have a bearing on your choice of tile.

Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Roof

Your choice of roof tiles can be a surprisingly cost-effective (and fun!) investment. If you’re at the planning stage of choosing new roof tiles, explore your options before you get to the roofing installation phase. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible.

Concrete tiles: Concrete tiles are typically cheaper, heavier, and generally considered suitable for any type of roof. There is a wide range of styles, shapes, and colours available.

Terracotta tiles: Terracotta roof tiles are among the oldest types of roofing tiles in the world. Their earthy colours and textures are very popular to this day. Terracotta tiles are typically used on all kinds of buildings

Choosing Your Roof Tiles

It’s a good idea to shop around to get a good understanding of design choices, prices, and suitability for your type of home. You can have a lot of fun selecting the latest roof tiles, so don’t be in any hurry to choose.

Design Considerations

If you are doing a custom renovation, or a new home design, please be aware that you can get any design you want for your roof tiles. Modern roof tiles are far superior products, and can be available in a range of colours to suit any design